GDMS 2019 Launches its Global Call for Paper!

Growth in internet and digital technology has fundamentally revolutionized the marketing industry, as brands are increasingly reliant on the new environment and engagement with consumers made possible by digital technology – and allowing the maximum personalization of user experience – thereby facilitating a deeper bond between consumer and brand on awareness and emotional levels.
With the overall theme of “Winning the Micro-Moment”, the fourth annual GDMS 2019 will be held on Dec 2-3 in Shanghai. This year the annual extravaganza will focus on consumer experience. Apart from participation of Alibaba, Tencent, Netease, Facebook, Google, Twitter, AOL and other internet tech giants, the event will also feature best in marketing case studies from Lenovo, AB Inbev, Audi, PUMA, Kellogg’s, Unilever and other international and local leading brands to offer marketing insights.

Call for Paper Guidelines:

Presentation Format

  • Keynote Session of duration 35 mins (inclusive of 5 mins Q&A)
  • Session language could be Chinese or English, and simultaneous interpretation will be provided onsite.
  • If needed, 2 or more speakers are permitted to present at the same time or engage in group discussion.

Speaking Requirements

  • Speaking topic must be clear and precise, offering marketing case studies or illustration, inclusive theory and practical cases.
  • The speaker shall be experienced and comes directly from a brand.
  • For speakers from ad agencies or ad tech companies, we suggest you contact the organizer and its team to discuss ways to best showcase one or more case studies with your client(brand).

Sub Tracks and Topic Range (inclusive but not limited to)

GDMS 2019 will have three main Sub Track, and offer sessions that focus on the below topics:

  • Brand Ecommerce
  • Big Data and AI
  • Creative Marketing
  • Digital Agencies
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Content Marketing


Click on “Call for Paper” before August 25, 2017

Call For Paper

Referral of Speakers:

We welcome referrals of speakers from industry members, and to recommend thought leaders to the event. If speakers are successfully referred to participate, the referee will receive a complimentary full conference pass to attend the GDMS, worth at retail value ¥6,280.

How to Refer:

Please click on “Speaker Referral” before August 25, 2019

Speaker Referral


What benefits are there for speaking at GDMS?

  • Speaker Pass to attend GDMS (is the equivalent of a full pass, giving access to all conference content, social activities, lunches and tea breaks)
  • Attendance of the GDMS event banquet and after party
  • Speaking topic will be announced on the official GDMS website, and will have the chance to be promoted on the website landing page; as well as being featured in the event guidebook
  • Promotion via the event’s media partners

When will I know the results of the Call for Paper

If your call for paper proposal is approved, we will notify you via email on August 31, 2019. Due to the substantial amount of submissions, those that are not approved will not be notified. If you have any enquiries, please contact: Organizer contact
Tel:021 63816920

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